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The Beginners Guide To The Best Suspension Lift Kits Of This Year

The Beginners Guide To The Best Suspension Lift Kits Of This Year

Aftermarket lift kits come in three flavors: leveling, body lift, and suspension lift. Which one you select will make a big difference in ease of installation, amount of lift gained, steering and handling characteristics, and of course, cost. Which one you chase will depend on what you want out of a lift. To that end, here is a short description of each lift type:
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3 Types Of Aftermarket Lift Kits

Leveling Kits

Almost every truck comes stock with a slight rake to its profile. The rear will be slightly higher than the front thanks to rear leaf springs or built-up multi-link suspension tuned to handle a towing load or heavy cargo load. A leveling kit raises the front of your ride, so its height equals that in the back. This is done using various techniques, all easy to install and remove. A leveling kit raises the front, giving you more clearance overall, room for up to 35-inch tires, a better appearance, and is inexpensive.

Body Lift Kits

Body lifts are straightforward. The body is disconnected from the frame, raised using various techniques, and then reattached to the frame. You get clearance, room for big rubber, an awesome appearance, and relatively easy installation. However, because you have changed the center of gravity, you may have handling issues and higher rollover risk.

Suspension Kits

The most complex and expensive lift kits raise the entire vehicle higher off the axels. This is the kit you want for the big lifts. They can give you up to 9-inches of lift better off-road performance, and the good ones can do it without messing with the steering geometry, meaning you retain stock steering and handling. Not all suspension kits are “good” ones.

Top 3 Best Suspension Lift Kits Brands

At AWT, we sell a lot of big tires, so it is not surprising that we sell and install a lot of suspension lift kits. While all the brands we carry are reputable, quality companies, a few stand out for their ease of installation, completeness, and performance.​​​​​​​

1. Rough Country

If you are new to the whole lift scene, odds are you will start out with a Rough Country suspension lift kit. Rough Country has always been an affordable brand, but what makes it stand out in the suspension lift kit field is its ability to give you a tall ride and retain stock turning radius, steering, and handling. Rough Country engineers their kits in place on actual OEM suspensions. These kits are not based on CAD drawings. Because they don’t compromise the stock suspension with poor fitment and or modifications, other than drastically improved visibility, your truck is going to handle just like it did before the lift. Toss in a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee, and

2. Pro Comp

Another company that focuses on engineering and manufacturing processes to retain stock handling. Pro Comp offers over 215 kits, ensuring there is a suspension lift solution for every situation. With big-ticket items like cast and CNC-machined knuckles and laser-cut, CNC-formed, robotically welded cross members are coupled with helpful details such as brake line extensions, longer bump stops, and sway bar drop brackets, you have a professional, mindfully thought out suspension lift system. Pro Comp backs its kits with a 5-year Limited Powertrain Warranty.

3. Superlift

Two-time “SEMA “Best Of-road Product” award winner, Superlift, focuses on lift kits for Jeeps and trucks. They have been at it since 1970. Off-road enthusiasts building suspension lift kits that deliver their customer’s expectations for appearance, ride handling, and performance is what the company is all about. Superlift provides the best product at the right price for the performance advertised.