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Houston streets are filled with oversized potholes and road hazards that can damage your wheels. American Wheel and Tire offers a wheel repair and refinishing service that will put them back to new, or better, in no time! Simply bring by your wheel or vehicle, and our friendly sales staff can inspect your damaged wheel, and offer the best wheel repair solution with a flat price upfront.
Wheel Refinishing
Fix scraped or curbed alloy wheels with our high-quality wheel refinishing.
Wheel Straightening
Remove curb rash, scuffs and other cosmetic damage to restore alloy wheels.
Curb Rash Repair
We fix cracked alloy wheels to improve performance and restore appearance.
Cracked Wheel Repair
We fix cracked alloy wheels to improve performance and restore appearance.

What Causes Wheel Damage

There are a number of different hazards that you might encounter on the road that can lead to both cosmetic and structural damage to your wheels. These could range from being as minor as scraping a curb up or hitting roadside debris to vehicle collisions which can result in severe structural damage. if you have lived or even just driven through the Houston Texas area then you are probably already familiar with our world-famous potholes. The reason Houston has some particular nasty potholes is that most of our roads were built on top of heavy clay sediment. Most of the time it’s dry and stable, but when it rains the clay expands causing the roads here to crack and crumble which leads to bigger potholes and worse roads every year. However, if your exploring the surrounding trails then your wheels are at an even greater risk. Every manufacturer will boast about their incredible durability, but at the end of the day if you’re charging down the trail and slam a decent-sized rock then any wheel would crack under the pressure.

What We Do

At AWT Off-Road we offer a multitude of services to restore your wheels to like new condition. These include:
  • Wheel Refinishing
  • Straightening
  • Curb Rash
  • Cracked Wheel Repair 
While most wear and tear could be covered by the manufacturer of your wheels the issue is that most finish warranties only cover the wheels for 1 year. However, if you’re in the Houston Texas area then you’re in luck. Not only can AWT Off-Road restore your wheels we also strengthen the life of the finish by applying our custom powder coat finishes, which adds durability to the finish. We have a wide array of color options including color matching any factory colors.

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