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Does your iPhone sound better than the audio system in your ride? Are you wondering if someone hacked your system and stole all the bass tones? Why does “Thunderstruck” sound like a U.T. marching band piece being played on the field while you are sitting in the nosebleed section? If you aren’t happy with the quality of sound coming out of your audio system, there’s good news. American Wheel & Tire (AWT) has installed high-end audio systems in our custom builds for years. Now there is enough customer interest for us to offer custom auto design and installation as a separate service. So today, you can take your ride, be it a car, truck, boat, UTV, or golf cart, to the next level by installing an audio system specifically designed for you and your vehicle.
Sit down with our audio team, and together we can design an audio system that will fit your needs and budget. For example, we can remove your current audio system and start from scratch or complement your system by installing an additional component(s) like a subwoofer and installing high-quality damping material. Any way you go, you will end up with a machine that delivers the vibe you have been missing.
Most of our installs are on vehicles with four or more wheels, but not all of them. So, if you have a ski boat or if Little Big Town’s song Pontoon is your them song, you can’t go “motor boatin’” without serious party tunes. Our specialists can design and equip a marine audio system to add a whole new dimension to your boating fun. Lastly, if your left foot gets heavy while driving to the boat launch, we can install radar detectors and laser diffusers discreetly.



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